Why should you recycle or dispose of Computer Parts and Hardware?

At Concept Management we are the market leaders in recycling and disposals of computers, parts and components and hardware. It is dangerous to throw away old parts and hardware as they can release dangerous toxins which could harm the environment. Instead leave it to experts to recycle or dispose of them professionally. Many computers such as l parts can be recycled as long as they are WEEE compliant. These parts and hardware can then be turned into a completely new product. By recycling these parts and hardware we can help save the planet and protect the natural habitats around the world and help conserve raw materials. By recycling you are helping reduce the need for extracting and mining. These processes can create an awful amount of pollution to the air and water.

What parts and hardware do we recycle?

We dispose safely and recycle many electronic components. These include:


Graphics Cards

Hard Drives


RAM Sticks

Why choose us to recycle your parts and hardware?

We offer free of charge WEEE compliant computer disposals for both the public and corporate sectors. We will plan the logistics from start to finish and our highly skilled team with collect. We make sure that all the equipment collected is safely disposed of and recycled correctly.

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Call us today to speak to our expert team and discuss our solutions for your requirements. If you are thinking about the disposal of your parts or hardware then please do not dwell on getting in touch. Why not give us a call us today on 01204 363184 or email us at justask@conceptmanagement.co.uk.


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