Computer Recycling

Technology is developing quicker than ever. Eventually we have to update our hardware to keep pace. But what happens to our old technology? There are thousands of computers discarded and replaced in the UK every week. The majority of these still end up in landfill. This is potentially harmful to the environment and wastes resources. Thousands of computers from the UK also end up in the developing world , passing on our problem to other countries perhaps less equipped to deal with it.

How does computer recycling work?

It’s relatively straightforward to recycle your computer with different options available. These include the reprocessing and reuse of laptops and desktop computers, as well as the recycling of computer components, motherboards, keyboards and central processors. Computers contain a variety of valuable metals and other substances including aluminium, cadmium, silicon, mercury, hexavalent chromium and other materials. All of these and more can be reused.


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What is the process?

Computers to be recycled are collected or delivered to the recycling centre. The computer and its components will then be sorted into item type before moving into the advanced stages of recycling and reuse. A computer or laptop will then be tested for reuse. If it’s still able to be reused it could be sent to charity. If it’s not, it will be taken apart manually into its component parts such as the hard drive and modem. Any of these parts that are still viable will be re-used. Any potentially hazardous materials will be removed and safely disposed of. What remains is then broken down into its component materials and anything that can be recycled will be. In fact, there’s very little in a computer that can’t be recycled.

Why you should recycle your computer?

There’s many reasons why we should recycle computer equipment rather than just disposing of it. Computers contain a number of potentially harmful materials. Recycling keeps toxic substances out of landfill. It helps to reduce the amount of materials that are needed for new devices. The plastic and glass from monitors for instance can be reused. Old computers can often be repurposed and then used again by community groups that might otherwise be unable to afford new equipment. Computer recycling also creates jobs, helps foster new skills and supports the local economy.

It’s important to find a reputable company to recycle your old computer.

Unfortunately, waste disposal and recycling services frequently attract operators who break the law. We’ve all come across mountains of fly tipped rubbish in lay-bys and on country lanes. Before you recycle your computer make sure it’s going to be handled by a reputable company. Such a company will be more than happy to talk you through their recycling process.

Concept Management are experienced and reputable IT Asset Disposal Company

Concept Management is one of the most experienced operators in the field. Working with companies and individuals we will safely recycle your unwanted computer equipment. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.