How To Dispose Of A Computer Hard Drive

There are several reasons why you would dispose of a computer hard drive, the first is that the drive has failed and needs replacing, secondly, that you have decided that the hard drive needs upgrading, a newer model or larger size maybe or that you are upgrading your PC or laptop.

How do I dispose of computer hard drive?

The answer is responsibly!

Firstly, if the computer has failed, it needs to be physically destroyed!

Even if the drive does not work, data can still be retrieved, here at Concept, we can physically destroy by shredding, crushing, degaussing or smelting.

This gives a 100% confirmation that no data can be recovered.

Also, computer hard drives fall under the WEEE directive and need to be recycled appropriately.

Make sure you back up your data before recycling

Secondly, should you choose to dispose of your computer or hard drive, you need to do several things if you don’t want to lose your data.

Back up your files or transfer them to a new computer. The least consuming way to do this is to invest in an external hard drive, down load your data and it is ready to go on the new PC.

If you’re looking for easy ongoing backup and file syncing solution, use a cloud service such as Box, Google Drive or Microsoft’s OneDrive. This allows for remote access and can be viewed from most devices.

After backing up your files in the cloud, you can easily transfer them to a new machine or access them anywhere you have an Internet connection, even from your smartphone. Cloud storage also comes in handy if your computer dies and you need to restore your files or you’re traveling and need access to data on a different device.

Deauthorise your computer. Some programs, such as iTunes and Microsoft Office 365, only allow you to install software on a limited number of computers or allow a limited number of computers to access your files. So be sure to deauthorize your old computer with your accounts – before uninstalled your programs.

The next step is to choose a partner that will ensure data security.

Simply deleting files won’t cut it. Even if a file name doesn’t show up on the list of available files the old file data is still there until it is overwritten and a data thieves can use a data recovery program to retrieve it. We’ve outlined the steps we recommend you take below.

Delete and overwrite sensitive files. Concept Management use CESG approved software that overwrites to British Standard Infosec Enhanced Standard 5. Once overwritten, a certificate is produced to prove wiping.

Or physically damage your hard drive. If you’re just looking to recycle your computer and are very concerned about someone recovering your files, take the hard drive out and options are crushing, shredding and smelting.

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