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X-Ray Film Disposal & X-Ray Destruction

The secure destruction and environmentally compliant disposal of obsolete x-ray film can be a real headache for businesses and organisations. We find there’s a tendency to store old x-rays because of several factors including compliance and costs. This means the confidential information contained on the film is kept longer than necessary, potentially breaching data protection regulations. Using a secure x-ray destruction and disposal service will ensure that your confidential information is disposed of in the most secure, robust, compliant manner.

Concept Management’s secure x-ray disposal solution:

What happens to your old, unwanted X-rays could make or break your organisation.

You know it doesn’t make sense – from an environmental or security perspective – to throw them in the general waste, so the chances are they end up indefinitely stockpiled in storage which goes against GDPR principles of only keeping data for as long as necessary.

But if the confidential data they contain gets into the wrong hands it can lead to regulatory fines, lost reputation and loss of business.

You have a legal obligation to keep the private information of your customers, employees and business secure. Stay compliant by using Concept.

X-ray Destruction for obsolete X-ray film:

Key compliance questions when using a third party

Supplier for X-ray film disposal:

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