UKAS Accreditation


The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is a globally recognised accreditation service appointed by the UK government to assess the competencies of organisations providing ISO certifications. In simple terms, UKAS certifies certifiers.

But why does UKAS accreditation matter, and why is it crucial for the validity of ISO certifications?

UKAS accredited ISO certification gives assurance that all elements of the certification have been applied correctly to a defined high standard. It shows that the certification body will be
diligent when awarding and assessing each element needed to achieve ISO certification. Organisations that require ISO certifications from their suppliers will often not accept ISO certifications without UKAS accreditation. This is because, without UKAS, the certification may not have quality assurance and strict standards may not be being met.

So, how does UKAS accreditation affect ISO certification validity?

ISO certification providers who operate under UKAS standards, automatically have more validity than those without UKAS accreditation. There are many reasons for this. For instance:

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