Mobile Phone Repairs

Concept Management’s skills are in data security and asset disposal but more importantly maximising revenue and profit from retired or non-working equipment and this is achieved in many ways.

One of the ways we do this, is the repair of mobile phones and tablets and we have been doing this for our own stock since 2015.

As part of our destruction service, we dismantle and parts harvest components from all types of phones and replace damaged components, to enable best practices around reuse.

Our unique proposition is by using fully tested components taken from fully working phones that cannot be reused because of the service provider or icloud locks, that makes the phone unable to use but completely working.

The Benefits Of Buying Refurbished Parts

The main benefit of using refurbished and fully tested parts is cost savings and we want to pass these savings on to our customers.

However, there are also many other benefits to using refurbished components!

Save Money

It’s fact that when you use refurbished parts you can save anything from 30 – 70% compared to buying brand new parts.

14 Day Guarantee

Concept take pride in customer satisfaction, we make sure our customers are happy with their refurbished phone, so if they are not fully satisfied and wish to send it back they can free of charge, with our 14-day guarantee and we will make any further repairs completely free of charge.

 Fully Tested

Before being sent out, every single refurbished phone is tested extensively. Our team of trained in-house testers to ensure everything is in full working order.

Environmentally Friendly

Our whole proposition is environmentally friendly, our maxim is reuse not recycle.

We are ISO:14001 accredited and are fully licenced by the Environment Agency, see our accreditations page for more details. We repair used mobile phones and make them look and work just like new again, therefore reducing the amount of waste left and improving Britain’s environmental footprint.

Warranty Included 

We offer a warranty on all refurbished mobile phones repaired, which ranges from 14 days to 12 months depending on the model. This means if any of the parts on the refurbished phone becomes faulty during this timeframe, they will be replaced free of charge.

 Top Quality Refurbished Parts 

We only source our mobile parts from the best working phones and used, fully tested grade A parts.

Our Service Proposition:

Our service proposition is successful by being simple, namely:

All of our Technicians are expertly trained and can offer the following to Apple or Android products in-house:

Excellence Centre

Our Technical Repair Centre can tackle even the most challenging jobs. We’re well stocked with all sorts of obscure components and trained up on how to repair the latest and greatest of phones and tablets. From camera flexes to charge ports, we’re the ones for the job.

Jobs sent to the tech centre are usually returned within seven working days, and sometimes as few as three. However, this can sometimes take a little longer if the phone or tablet requires some particularly hard-to-get parts. Rest assured that you’ll be kept up to date by our technical team if this occurs.

The working environment is anti-static, dust free and well organized with all the latest technology needed for top quality technical repairs.  Our technicians have years of experience so whether your job is a simple screen change or requires soldering a minuscule component, our experts will provide you with the highest standard of repair anywhere in the UK.


Device Repairs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are your repairs?

A: This depends on the make and model of the device, however, because we are using refurbished components, we will not be beaten on price.

Q: Which Apple models can you repair?

A: We currently repair the 5, 5c, 5s, 5se, 6, 6s, 6 plus, 6s plus, 7, 7 plus, 8 and 8 plus.

Q: Which Samsung models can you repair?

A: We repair the S4, S5, S6 and S7 models as well as the Samsung A range, J range and Note range of phones.

Q: Can you also repair tablets?
A: Yes absolutely, we can repair all iPads from the iPad 2 all the way to the iPad Pro, including all Airs and all Minis.

As for Samsung tablets, we can repair the majority of them, but due to the large variety of model names and numbers, we can’t list them all here.  If you are uncertain, please contact the team for a quote. Sadly, we cannot offer repairs on other tablet brands such as Huawei, Lenovo, Acer, etc. at this time.

Q: Is my Data safe?
A: We are ISO:27001 accredited and registered with the ICO and only employ completely vetted staff to BS:5758, please see our accreditations page.

However, we recommend backing up data, but we will not access any documents.  In very rare circumstances where an item is beyond repair, some circuitry can be damaged. This is only small percentages of cases, and usually is caused by the initial drop or impact, before we’ve even had a look at it.

Q: Will you delete my Documents?
A: No, absolutely not, we do not delete documents.

Q: Why do you need my password/passcode?
A: The passcode is required for testing your device after the repair, to make sure we’ve done the job properly.  This usually just involves moving icons around on the home screen, accessing the camera if it’s been replaced, etc. 

Your personal data, photos etc. will not be accessed.