What to do with old RAM Sticks and memory modules

If you have found that your RAM has failed and needs replacing or you’ve just upgraded the memory in your computer and are now getting faster, more seamless performance, the question is what do do with the old RAM sticks.

At Concept Management there are a couple of options, to get the most from it or a least remain compliant under the WEEE regulations and the Environment Agency.
Firstly, you could recycle it.

Recycle your old RAM Memory Sticks

You can also recycle your old memory. Since memory modules contain precious metals and other elements that must be disposed of in regulated ways, recycling is a good way to help the environment and often you’ll get paid for recycling your memory – a true win-win.
Secondly, you could reuse it.

A fun way to get a performance boost out of old memory is to use it as part of a RAM drive (also called a RAM disk). A RAM drive is simply a block of memory that your computer’s software treats as if it were a storage drive. RAM drives can achieve extremely fast speeds and are a fun way to experiment while also getting a high level of performance out of your old modules.
No matter how you choose to use your old memory, Concept Management can help.

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