Components can be classified as passive, active, or electromechanic. The strict physics definition treats passive components as ones that cannot supply energy themselves, whereas a battery would be seen as an active component since it truly acts as a source of energy. If you are wondering where you can purchase electronic components, check out our guide here.

Generally speaking there are three types of electronic components:

Active components

Active components rely on a source of energy and usually can inject power into a circuit, though this is not part of the definition. Active components include amplifying components such as integrated circuits, semi-conductors, transistors, triode vacuum tubes, valves, and tunnel diodes.

Passive components

Passive components can’t introduce net energy into the circuit. They also can’t rely on a source of power, except for what is available from the (AC) circuit they are connected to. Therefore, they can’t amplify and increase the power of a signal, although they may increase a voltage or current. Passive components include two-terminal components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transformers.

Electromechanical components

Electromechanical components can carry out electrical operations by using moving parts or by using electrical connections. These are switches, terminals and connectors.

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