Why recycle and dispose of Motherboards?

As convenient as it seems, tossing electronics in the bin is not the best way to handle their disposal.

In fact, it is illegal!

Electronics, such as computers, DVD players, monitors, televisions, and even phones, do not break down in landfills.

Whole devices and individual components, such as computer motherboards, need to be recycled or disposed of in environmentally friendly ways. There are several ways to recycle motherboards, from outright destruction for precious metals or parts harvesting and recycling components from the board.

No matter what route you choose, they should take care to ensure the motherboards are handled responsibly.

Responsible Recycling for Circuit Boards

A motherboard is essentially a printed circuit board (PCB). The Environmental Agency has set specific guidelines for handling PCBs.

Removing the motherboard from a computer to recycle is not a daunting process. First, make sure the computer is off and the work is occurring in a place that does not allow static buildup. Open the case of the computer with a screwdriver. With desktops, this usually involves removing a side panel. For laptops, remove the back of the machine. Start by disconnecting any wires, then remove any cards plugged into the board, including RAM modules and PCI cards. Remove the CPU as well. This is often covered by a heat sink, which is either unscrewed or unfastened. Next, release the catch mechanism that holds the CPU in place and lift the processor out. A final key to preparing a motherboard for recycling is to remove the tiny battery that controls the computer clock and BIOS. This small battery is the same type used in watches and other small electronics. Many times, the battery is removable, but if it is soldered on, leave it attached to the board.

One of the best ways to recycle a motherboard is simply to allow Concept Management to take it and we will process them as electronic waste. Most recycling centres do not handle electronics, so it is important to find one that works with e-waste.

Concept Management pay market leading rates for large volumes of motherboards.

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