You have just received an SMS that somebody has purchased goods using your credit card information even though you had taken all precautions to safeguard it. By the way, did you check the credentials of the person to whom you gave your old computer for disposal? Even though you had carefully deleted all personal data from your computer’s hard disk drive, the person to whom you sold it was able to retrieve sensitive information with the use of sophisticated software. That criminal might have accessed the private information of your corporate clients too. Remember, fraudsters can easily recover deleted data from a computer’s HDD. You could have prevented this nightmare from taking place by handing over your old PC to a reputable corporate equipment destruction company such as Concept Management.


What is WEEE collection and corporate secure data?

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), according to the Environment Agency, is the quickest growing stream of waste in the United Kingdom. The 2012 EU WEEE Directive controls the management of electronic and electrical waste. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations of 2013 applies it in the United Kingdom. Reducing the quantity of WEEE that is dumped in landfills is a key objective of the WEEE Regulations. It is achieved by putting an prolonged accountability on distributors and producers of electronic and electrical equipment. Producers have to finance the collection, treatment as well as recovery of WEEE under the extended responsibility obligations.


Why do you not opt for WEEE recycling with Concept Management?

Instead of opting for corporate electrical waste disposal, which harms the ecology, go for equipment destruction instead with the help of Concept. You will find their office in your town or a city nearby you since they offer full UK coverage. On request, their personnel will visit your office and pick up all the computers you wish to discard and destroy them. They are the number one corporate IT equipment disposal company in the U.K. After physically destroying the hard disk drive, they will also break apart any CD/DVD that you might have accidentally left on your computer. Following this process, they will separate the different parts of your PC, recycle the recyclable parts, and sell it to computer equipment manufacturers.

If you are a corporate business or large business looking for a partner to handle you used electronic and computer waste, Concept can handle all your computer recycling needs. Concept Management provide full UK coverage, offering WEEE recycling coupled with secure data and equipment destruction services for corporate clients businesses. Concept was created to help the environment and to help large companies to adhere to new environmental legislation and rules.

Concept can help your business with your WEEE. Concept will…

Concept offer a range of services to meet your requirements.

Our WEEE and recycling team has a wealth of experience in the Corporate business sector coupled with ISO: 9001, ISO:14001 and ISO:27001.

At Concept Management we also offer our services for these other sectors: Small Businesses, Education, Police, Health and NHS and the Public Sector. Contact us today via email at or get in touch with us via telephone on 01204 363184

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