What We Do



The demand for newer, superior technology has increased the pace at which current devices reach the end of their useful lives. As a result, the question of what to do with obsolete electronics has become a global issue. Disposal is not the answer. Computers and other electronics need to be properly handled by a responsible recycling company rather than being sent to a waste disposal company.

Concept Management, since its inception in 2007,  has become a leading IT Asset Disposal Company and was created to help to help companies to adhere to new data protection and environmental legislation and rules


Concept Management are specialist in data protection, security and destruction. We offer on-site erasure, physical destruction and complete asset tracking of all data bearing devices and we are ISO:27001 accredited along with Information Governance Toolkit and our processes are internationally approved and are underpinned by our quality process and ISO:9001.

We comply with the highest level of environmental certification including ISO: 14001, ATF, AATF, Duty of Care, Waste Carriers Licence and are licenced to move, store and treat Hazardous Waste.


We can demonstrate specialist skills in reverse logistics, IT asset reclaim, hard disk drive erasure and recertification. Our facility and headquarters has the technology and manpower to process various technical tasks within a dedicated secure department.

Concept’s HDD erasure and refurbishing centre boasts one of the highest capacity’s in Europe and is able to fully erase and refurbish over three thousand hard drives per day to manufacturer standard. Our production team are able to disassemble everything from PVR units or mobile phones to their base materials whilst maintaining the highest level of data integrity and security.

Concept also has the onsite ability to rework board level electronic components.


Our clients benefit from an on-line bespoke CRM that provides them with a secure log-in so they are able to trace their assets and sensitive data through our facility and have the confidence that Concept maintain the function and responsibility of all the WEEE waste or assets that enter our secure location.