XMA have been awarded a contract from Somerset Council to provide them with all their computer related equipment and managed services for the next three years.
As part of the tender process and as XMA’s partner, Concept Management have been chosen for the removal of redundant IT equipment and data disposal.

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Somerset Council are very mindful that, although there are regulatory and data disposal requirements when updating equipment, that the authority’s laptops could be put to good use.
With this in mind and in conjunction with Somerset Council, XMA and Concept, we have developed a ‘Care Leaver Programme’ that will allow eligible care leavers receive refurbished laptops once they have reached care leaving age. Eligibility requirements will include starting work through apprenticeships schemes or going on to further education.

If you are a care leaver who is eligible to receive a laptop and have received a code to obtain a laptop, please call 01204 363184 and speak with John Gilbertson who will arrange the laptop delivery.
Laptop specification will be built around a Tier One, dual core, 2gb ram – memory with a 250gb HDD with software.


Case Study:

Somerset Council wanted to reuse laptops that were end of life and being replaced by XMA Limited as part of a refresh project. The old laptops are to be given to young people, who were leaving care and going into apprenticeships or higher education. However, the Council needed to conform with their disposal policy of complying with the Data Protection Act, ensuring that all data bearing devices are overwritten or physically destroyed and adhere to the WEEE Regulations. XMA Limited provided all the new equipment and tasked Concept Management to assist with the disposals. We believe this has been a true partnership, as all parties have pushed within their own organisations, to develop innovative and creative ideas to circumvent the traditional ways of recycling.

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