Collection Service

Concept Management provide a robust, dedicated and secure collection service that meets and exceeds ICO guidelines. Concept Management feel that a robust collection process must begin with an exchange of information and documentation between us and the Client that clearly identifies the number of assets for collection; how the assets are identified e.g. serial number; an agreed asset reconciliation process; sensitivity of data-bearing assets; confirmation of service required; pre-collection agreements and service level agreements and transfer of custody arrangements. Without these foundations the process as a whole is weak and potentially insecure.


Also, it is important to consider that the risk of loss of assets during the transportation process is assessed both in terms of the probability of physical loss or theft but also in control and management of the chain of custody. It is imperative that equipment collected is controlled such that verification on receipt is confirmed and hence the risk of potential losses during logistical transfer is mitigated.

GPS Tracked

Concept Management provide a GPS Tracked, dedicated vehicle that only collects on behalf of you, we don’t other customer sites but come straight back to our facility to unload. This means there can be no contamination from other collections.


The vehicles have a mechanical immobiliser, they are alarmed and we have telephone communication with base via hands free. We provide solid sided vehicles, curtain sides are NOT allowed, this is for physical protection.

Our drivers and collection staff are security cleared to at least BS7858 and imposter prevention is essential and Photo ID for the driver is provided and we issue the driver and vehicle details to client prior to collection. All our drivers are provided with uniforms that show Concept Management logo’s.


Equipment is packaged properly at point of collection. The use of bubble wrap, crates and cages used when appropriate. This is to ensure the quality of the equipment is maintained during transportation and therefore re-use opportunity is maximized.

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