Military Standard Hard Disk Secure Data Removal. DoS Standard

Concept have on site equipment that wipes and repairs hard disk drives of all sizes and types. Concepts System can wipe hard disks using various techniques and overwrite patterns. If you think “deleted” information can’t be retrieved from an old hard drive, think again.Would You Throw Out a Filing Cabinet Full of Private Documents?Your hard disks contain information pertaining to almost every aspect of your business, which makes them valuable tools for malicious third parties. Even if you can’t see any remaining data on a hard drive, chances are there’s something still there, so it’sessential to erase it for good before you dispose of your computer.

Concept provides a Certificates of Destruction, Certificates of Media Sanitisation and Certificates of Media Destruction.

Deleting files in Windows leads many users to believe deleted files are gone forever. After all, when you empty the Recycle Bin, it seems you can never recover those files because Windows offers no option to get them back. However, the delete process does not actually erase files from your hard drive. The operating system simply rewrites the data that points to the file, modifies a small amount of the file’s data to mark it for deletion, and then moves the rest of the file data to the hard drive’s free cluster list.They’ll still lurk somewhere on your hard drive.

Another popular misconception is that formatting a hard drive will permanently remove the stored data. But like deleting files, formatting will not fully work.

The format command simply reconfigures your file allocation tables at the beginning of the disk and check through the disk to see whether the blocks are still readable. This means that potentially all of the deleted data on your hard drive is vulnerable to recovery techniques, including the use of easily obtained software that can search a hard drive’s sectors for deleted data and recover it.

Destroy that data before it destroys your business!

The U.S. DoD (Department of Defense) outlines standards for hard drive erasing in its National Industry Security Program Operating Manual, which provides guidelines for preventing unauthorized disclosure of classified information. Concept follows the “clearing and sanitization matrix,” which the DoD recommends, preventing hard drive data recovery. Since June 2007, the DoS C&SM, says that overwriting is no longer acceptable for the sanitization of magnetic media; only degaussing or physical destruction is acceptable.

Concept use a degausser, which is a is a machine that removes all of the magnetism from a hard disk, which in turn removes all of the current data and eliminates its ability to hold data. When we degauss a hard disk, it’s dead for good. The dead hard drives can’t be sold, donated, or otherwise reused after this process.

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