What does EPROM mean?

EPROM is an acronym for Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. This small chip can retain data even when there is a power outage. Unlike PROM (Programmable Read only Memory) It is possible to erase the data from a volatile EPROM by exposing it to a high-powered ultraviolet light source through a device known as an EPROM eraser. Programmers use an EPROM programmer to write data on the EPROM. Once programmed, the data resides in the chip for two to three decades. It is best to hand over the job of erasing the EPROM to professionals.

What is the difference between PROM, EPROM, and EEPROM?

We have already discussed EPROM. The PROM memory on the other hand stands for Programmable Read Only Memory. You can find out the difference easily. If the chip contains a circular glass in its centre, it is an EPROM. The glass allows programmers to delete the data in the EPROM as mentioned previously. EEPROM memory stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read only Memory.

Erasing and Programming EPROM, EEPROM, PROM and Flash memory chips

Using the latest and fastest techniques, we can erase, programme and re-programme EPROM, EEPROM, PROM and Flash memory chips to your specifications. All handling is carried out in our strict ESD protected environment to ensure no electrical damage to devices. After programming, the components can be packed in tubes, trays or taped and reeled for maximum benefit. Our programming prices are very competitive. Please contact us today for a quote.

Leave The Job Of Data Destruction To Experts

You should never try to delete the data on your old computer before giving it to a recycling centre but instead hand over the job to a professional data destruction company. At Concept Management we will delete the data on the HDD of your old PC for you. A way of doing this is to fill up the hard disk drive with new, but useless data. They will do this several times to ensure that no trace of your private data exists. People generally think about HDDs when discussing rewritable storage equipment. However, there are other storage spaces on your computer such as the EPROM.

What is the purpose of EPROM?

Motherboard manufacturers use this chip to store non-volatile data. Typically, it holds information about the other chips on the motherboard. The motherboard retains such information even after shutting off the power of the computer.

Why would you need to erase EPROM?

It is necessary to erase this chip and reprogram it when you want to use it for long-term storage.

What is the process of reprogramming EPROM?

The process of reprogramming an EPROM begins by erasing the data in it and reprogramming it again with a new set of data using an EPROM programmer.

What is Flash memory, what does Flash memory mean?

Flash memory is simply an EEPROM type of computer memory. Therefore, such a chip does not require a power source to retain the data. In stark contrast, a RAM (Random Access Memory) requires a power source to retain its data. The pen drive is a typical example of flash memory chips (pen drive). It retains data stored in it even if you remove it from the computer’s USB hub. Nowadays even hard disk drives are manufactured out of flash memory, although it costs much more per storage (in MB or GB) than the traditional hard disk drive does. The primary advantage is that it is a solid-state device that is very quick to read and write data.