What are Semi Conductors and how are they used?

An essential part of many mission critical and legacy systems, obsolete semiconductors and components are often as hard to find as they are important to source. And with so many counterfeit items and faulty stock on the market, it can be difficult to locate the exact component you need and how to find a knowledgeable provider to assist your search.

What are obsolete semiconductors?

Difficult to source and even harder to find in good condition, obsolete semiconductors are electrical components that are no longer manufactured or used by their original creators.

Semiconductors play a vital role in equipment control in a wide variety of applications including operating air conditioners, improving vehicle safety, laser treatment in state-of-the-art medical care and much more.

Finding reliable obsolete semiconductor suppliers can help you reliably finish out your projects, builds, or find a solution that fits your needs.

How can obsolete semiconductors be used?

Also known as aftermarket components, obsolete semiconductors are commonly used by hobbyists, companies, and businesses that are encountering issues with their equipment and keeping their production line flowing.

With timely repair proving to be crucial in many sectors, being able to find an essential part for repair is vital.

Semiconductors underpin much of today’s technology and are used in all types of electronics, electrical, and mechanical equipment. Where any kind of automation and precision is required, you will find semiconductors at the heart.

Time spent sourcing the right component is time spent not working or pouring additional resource into a process, so if you are looking for semiconductors that are now obsolete, you need to find a supplier who can do the hard work of sourcing for you.

How to purchase obsolete semiconductors?

When it comes to finding replacements for your semiconductors, there are challenges to overcome. Your route to locating obsolete semiconductors will normally involve exploring the following three options:

Independent Contractors: When a company stops producing components, the replacement parts are often contracted to another business to complete the job. This can often be difficult to find and, in some cases, result in the production of a component that is not of the same quality or the original fit.

Bulk Materials Purchasers: Some companies purchase inventory in the event of a component no longer being produced. With so many elements and critical parts used in machinery, this can sometimes result in a long search period or paying a premium to find the part.

Product Designers: Many businesses offer a service to create a custom part that carries out the same function as the original component. This can allow for a high-quality, reliable product but can often be expensive, or time consuming to produce and correctly road test.

At Concept Management we are specialists in sourcing obsolete components and our wide range of contacts across the industry means that we can do this in a cost-effective way for our clients.

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