Concept Management have completed their assessment and are part of the Information Sharing Gateway platform.

The Information Sharing Gateway  (ISG) has been developed by a sub-group of organisations in the Lancashire & Cumbria IG Group in order to improve and modernise the administration and risk assessment of information sharing in the public sector.

It has been designed by IG specialists, for IG specialists, to support their IG reporting on data flows and information sharing, principally to IG Toolkit and the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

The development was funded by the LPRES programme in Lancashire, to support the use of the LPRES healthcare information exchange platform.

It is a generic tool and is not ‘tied’ to use with LPRES, although it is developed with the needs of sharing via interoperable systems in mind.

It is a ‘next generation’ Sharing Framework that will adequately support electronic information sharing across care boundaries in a way that current, paper-based systems cannot.

The purpose of this system is to provide assurance that the information being shared, managed and processed will be done so in such a way that is Data Protection Act compliant.

It centralises and shares key resources in a way that is accessible and transparent.

The following organisations helped develop the Information Sharing Gateway:

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