Where to dispose of computers

When it’s time to replace or upgrade our existing computers we’re often faced with what to do with the old ones. Concerns over the security of our data and what might happen to the components might mean that we put it into storage and forget about it.

There are safe ways to dispose of your old computer but it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

What you should do when you no longer need your old computer

Many people do, but it’s strongly ill-advised to simply take your computer down to the local tip. It’s not unknown for people to put computer equipment in with the general rubbish ready for collection. It should be obvious that this is not something you should ever consider but nevertheless, thousands of computers are disposed of in this way every year.


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Don’t risk your data

Data can easily be recovered from old computers and they contain vast amounts of important information Have you ever done any home banking, bought something with a debit card, booked a holiday or set-up a password protected account? If your computers are used within your business, then they provide a rich seam of data that criminals can exploit.

Computers contain harmful materials

Computer equipment also contains a number of materials that can be potentially harmful to the environment. These include such metals such as lead, hexavalent chromium, cadmium and mercury, all of which are highly toxic when disposed incorrectly. It’s not just the metals either, chemicals such as highly flammable flame retardants and phthalates can be found. All of these can seep out and cause a risk to human, animal and plant health.

As well as the harmful materials they contain, non-recycled electronic materials are creating real problems in terms of waste management. Mountains of old computers are finding their way to vast waste sites across the developing world passing a problem on to countries less able to cope with it.

Where should you take your old computer?

Secure IT disposal is the most sensible choice for anyone who is replacing their old equipment. A secure IT disposal company will take your old equipment off your hands, breaking it down safely into its component parts and ensuring that everything that can be recycled, gets recycled.

Your data will be securely removed from all your computer equipment, creating a ‘blank slate’, before the equipment is completely stripped back to its basics. Equipment that can be stripped of data, repaired, taken back to its factory settings and then made available for a charity or social enterprise.

Concept Management offer a trusted secure IT disposal service

At Concept management we can take care of the whole disposal and recycling process. We can help you plan the disposal of your old equipment, arrange for its collection and ensure that it is disposed of methodically. We comply with the highest level of environmental certification, and are fully licensed to move, store and treat hazardous waste.

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