Computer Battery Disposal

Our laptops, computers and other digital equipment are full of high-tech components, but perhaps the most vital part of all is the battery. Laptop batteries may be rechargeable, but ultimately, they will reach a stage where they can no longer be recharged. At this point, it will need to be replaced.

So, what exactly do you do with the old battery, and what potential harm can it cause if you dispose of it incorrectly?

Don’t just throw out your old lithium-ion battery

Lithium, the material that makes batteries viable, has never been in more demand. With the shift towards renewable energy, batteries are going to be an increasing part of our lives, not least in our cars. How we dispose of those batteries is going to become key.

Currently, many people place old batteries in with their general waste. Although modern computer batteries are much less toxic than some of the older ones, lithium is an extremely reactive element. The pressurised environment, and the flammable contents can cause them to burst into flames. It’s one reason why laptop batteries should never be charged unsupervised.

In general waste or landfill, these batteries will be surrounded by flammable material. So, not only is there the risk of their contents escaping and polluting the environment, they also present a considerable fire risk.

How you should dispose of your batteries

Some laptop and other computer manufacturers have their own battery recycling scheme. If you have one of these available, it can be an easy way to recycle your battery. In some cases, it can be as simple as returning them to the shop where you bought the product.

In other cases, these might not be as readily available. Your local authority may offer a battery recycling service. Some have schemes for lithium-ion batteries, the details of which will be on their website.

Alternatively, a battery disposal and recycling service offered by a secure IT disposal company, like Concept Management, can help you recycle your old batteries.

What gets recycled?

Battery recycling will usually divide the battery into 3 distinct components:

Plastic & Aluminium

Copper & Stainless Steel

Lithium sale & Cobalt

All these components can then be re-used in new products.

How Concept Management can help you safely dispose of your old batteries

If you’re looking to recycle old computer batteries, it’s important to choose your company wisely. At Concept Management, we are experienced at recycling old computer equipment. Batteries are no different, and as with everything else re-purposed, we ensure everything is done to the highest of environmental standards.

We are Environmental Agency approved, meaning that when you trust your old batteries to us, there’s no chance of them being disposed of inappropriately. We comply with the highest level of environmental certification, and are fully licensed to move, store and treat hazardous waste.

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