Concept Management are experts in corporate it recycling. We provide services to large Corporate organisations right through to the Public Sector. Large Corporations are not under the same scrutiny of the ICO regarding data breaches but still require a robust, secure process.

Data security in large companies is absolutely paramount not just from hackers’ but firewalls, malware even industrial espionage. Data contained on discs must be disposed of securely.

Our corporate it recycling services ensure that we provide to you a compliant, robust process that meets and exceeds the WEEE directive and ensures secure disposal of computers, laptops, servers and any other form of data bearing device.

Our service provides a holistic proposition that includes all Environment Agency accreditations such as ATF, AATF and Waste Carriers Licence right through to IG Toolkit, ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and ISO:27001

Concept Management’s skills are in data security and asset management but more importantly maximising revenue and profit from retired or non-working equipment and this is why we can offer a completely free of charge service.

The disposal of old computers is not just a WEEE issue, when choosing a partner for the disposal of computers, you must consider the data security implications and ensure that there is a robust procedure in place. Secure computer disposal means ensuring that you mitigate the chance of a breach by ensuring the hard drives are erased or physically destroyed.

Concept Management can demonstrate our vast experience in removal of redundant, end of life equipment and corporate it recycling from all types of Corporate Organisations.

Concept Management can securely destroy hard drives and all other types of data bearing media devices on-site or off-site with a simple and secure process. We understand that everyone’s requirements are different so we tailor our approach and provide a collaborative, secure and robust service, that meets and exceeds your demands and expectations.
With our hard drive shredding service, you tell us what you want to destroy and when you want us to do it and we will bring the relevant equipment.
All collections of Hard Disc Drives for all destruction services are completed using a dedicated collection using a vehicle from our own fleet of GPS tracked vehicles and with staff who are vetted to at least BS:7858.
The benefits of an on-site destruction are that the customer can witness the destruction process.
An off-site destruction can be carried out under CCTV conditions and the recordings can be provided in the form of a DVD for audit purposes.corporate computer recycling – 10 Searches