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What are computer components? 

The world of computing has grown exponentially over the last 20 years, and it seems to only be growing more and more. More and more people are becoming familiar with how a computer works and what is needed to make them work. Computer components are the items inside your PC that allow it to function. Some components are necessary, others are just good to have. When you buy computer components, you do need to check they will work with your existing hardware. AMD CPUs, Central Processing Unit, will not fit into Intel Motherboards, as they require a different connection. Looking around for the best place to buy computer components can seem difficult, but we are here to help.

What types of components are there? 

There are so many different electronic components for sale online, it can be overwhelming understanding what each term means. If you are looking for pc components to buy, then you will need to understand some of the different terms for each component.  


The CPU is also familiarly known as the Processors. This is in essence the brain of the computer, although it is more a glorified calculator. The processor is where data is controlled, it tells the other components what to do, where to store data, and essentially acts like the central hub for everything. If you want to buy used computer components like a processor, make sure it fits your motherboard, as there are two main CPU manufacturers, AMD and Intel, and both use different connectors. Even the ‘chipsets’ they make don’t all fit all motherboards.  


The graphics processing unit is what is needed to display information on your screen. For the basic everyday use of a PC, the GPU is not always needed, as some CPUs have a section for handling the graphical output. For running intense software or video games, you will need a dedicated GPU. They also come in ranges of power and connection, but they are more universal than CPUs.  


Think of this as the nervous system of the human body. Everything is connected to the motherboard in one way or another. The motherboard will have upper limitations as to what speeds it can deliver for the CPU, GPU, RAM and others components.  


Random Access Memory is more like short term memory. RAM is where the CPU grabs data to load and run programs. The higher the Ram you have, the more it can store, the quicker it loads. For the laptop components you buy, most laptops are restricted to what you can upgrade. RAM is usually the main component you can upgrade.  

Hard drives 

The long-term memory of your PC, hard drives are where all data is stored. The faster the Hard Drives are, the quicker the load times. Hard drives have gone from spinning discs, to solid state. Which has dramatically increased performance.  

Power supply 

Where all power from the mains comes from, the Power Pack and Adaptors come in a variety of solutions. Modular PSUs can have cables removed and added, whereas non-modular PSUs have a ll the cables attached.  

Why buy computer components? 

You can get really good deals on second hand laptops at wholesale from computer parts wholesale suppliers. However, if you would rather upgrade an existing system, then buy used computer components. The cost of RAM and GPUs have skyrocketed over recent years, and upgrading components is getting harder. If you were to buy used computer components you will pay a fraction of the price! The only downside is warranty.  

Why buy computer components from Concept Management? 

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