Mark Wilding has successfully completed and passed the GDPR Foundation and Practitioner Courses.
We felt it important to get to grips with GDPR as quickly as possible as the deadline is May next year.
We also felt that we don’t want to be consultants or specialist in this field as this is not our core business but felt we needed to understand what our clients need to do and to understand the work involved.

This will allow Concept to have meaningful conversations around GDPR with our clients.
The course we elected to take was the ISO 17024-accredited GDPR Foundation and Practitioner training courses, which offered a structured learning path to equip data protection and information security professionals, with the specialist knowledge and skills needed to deliver GDPR compliance. See our accreditation page for copies of the certificates.
Effective GDPR compliance begins with professional training
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings substantial changes to the rules around personal data and its use. To ensure effective compliance by 25 May 2018, every organisation needs to have managers in place who understand the requirements of the GDPR and are well equipped to plan, implement and maintain a compliance programme.
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