Woman holding Dell equipment as Donation to Afro Innovation Group

Today we donated a computer system to Afro Innovation Group

AIG offers a wide range of essential services including immigration and legal advice, employability and business support, welfare benefits and financial literacy advice, health and wellbeing services, and cultural activities. They are also at the start of a journey that will eventually see them offer affordable accommodation for new arrivals, as well as developing an overseas component to their work.

They provide practical, advisory and emotional support to nearly 2,000 people every year. On a daily basis support on average between 25 and 30 beneficiaries and maintain a client caseload which can top 35 cases each day.

They achieve exceptionally positive results. Each month on average, they secure the following outcomes for our service users:


Established in 2006, AIG registered as a charity in England and converted to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2021 and lead by a Board of Trustees

The staff and team and volunteers have many years’ experience of work within disadvantaged communities throughout the world.

They are an experienced and an expert organisation, but always put those who require their support first.

Concept are delighted to help and wish them all the best for the future