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Computer Recycling

In recent years we have all become more aware of how important it is to reduce the impact that we have on the planet, with recycling being just one of the ways in which we can achieve this. And whilst there are plenty of easy ways out there in which we can recycle paper, plastics, glass, wood and even textiles, when it comes to old electronics, in particular the disposal of old computers and monitors, people really don’t know what to do.

So what do you do if desktop disposal or the disposal of old pc equipment is something that you need? Whilst people understand the necessity of disposing of laptops safely due to the personal information that they might still contain, they don’t really understand how they can recycle their computers. Here at Concept Management, we’ve put together some handy advice to help you.

Environmental and societal considerations

Unfortunately, computers, and in particular laptops, do not last for as long as we might like them to. Over time, for example, the battery on a laptop can get to a point where it loses its charge faster, it can become slower, and it will need replacing. Most electronic recycling that is, anything with a battery or a plug, can leach lead, mercury or other toxic chemicals. These can, when not disposed of properly, have health implications for both humans and animals for years to come. These chemicals can find their way into the soil and then into the water cycle. They can even pollute the air.

Depletion of raw materials is a point of significant concern, and recycling is not merely a way to reduce waste. It is also a valuable way in which these raw materials can be saved from being destroyed and reused where possible. Cobalt, silver and gold all of these precious metals can be found in a significant number of modern devices. Whilst they may only be used in small quantities recycling them can reduce the need for further invasive mining procedures.

Older computers can also be recycled to help provide an electronic solution for those who may otherwise not have access to them; recycling takes many forms, both obvious and less obvious. It is sometimes worth thinking outside the box in order to help create a more sustainable future.

How can a professional disposal company help?

When you turn to Concept Management, a company that knows how to go about disposing of laptops safely, then you are putting yourself in the hands of a company that understands the implications of data security and has the correct procedures in place to ensure that your personal data is completely secure. Where possible, and of course with a client’s permission, a professional disposal company will also seek to reuse as much of a computer’s hardware, reducing waste as much as possible and, of course, striving to do their bit for the environment. Whether this is computer tower disposal, computer screen disposal or the disposal of any other computer component, this professional disposal company will try to make sure that any components with a residual life are recycled.


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