Man and woman holding bags in office smiling at the camera

Few people have escaped the challenges that the Coronavirus has presented. Especially the lock down, the isolation, the inability to see family members and to meet with friends. Probably, the biggest challenge was working from home and for people with children, home schooling.
Home schooling, I guess, required lots of patience and the latest technology. Many parents in the Bolton area have not been fortunate enough to have PCs or laptops to help their children complete their school work.
Bolton Lads and Girls Club have been running an initiative to get local companies to donate laptops to give to local children who need help.
Concept Management were delighted to help and today, were visited by Katie Conway, Marketing, Communications & Fundraising Officer at Bolton Lads & Girls Club to collect them and to pass them on. The staff and volunteers at Bolton Lads and Girls Club do a fantastic job providing a range of targeted and universal provisions including sports, arts, mentoring and community outreach work