Concept Management recently purchased even more vehicles taking the total to eight. Fitted with a GPS Tracking System Concept Management are able to track the van throughout its entire journey. Giving us the exact speed of the van and a detailed breakdown of the journey including; speed, travel time, rest time etc…  With even more vehicles is imperative the drivers are all CRB checked (BS7858– Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment).  They wear uniform and ID,  work quickly, tidily and know our customers well.  Also they all work in the same way.  The vans are all Mercedes Sprinters varying in length – Short, medium and Long wheel base.  So all jobs regardless of Size and potential weight can be covered.

The drivers know too that if sensitive data is on the van, we prefer them not to stop until back at base.  Should nature disagree they know to park at services only and under security cameras in the Fuelling area.

Concept Management are committed to growing the fleet in order to keep up with the high demand for the services which we offer and the growing number of clients we work with.

We don’t provide bespoke service but we do have a list of services for you to choose from.  If you don’t currently benefit from the services we provide then please use our online chat to introduce yourselves.  Watch for our vans in transit too.  Who knows, we may start naming them too!