Concept Management’s client’s demand high level screening and are now ‘Security Clearance’ Level, which is much more stringent and difficult to achieve.

Security Clearance is only is obtained through sponsorship from an Approved HMG OGD.

There are five levels of clearance and at Concept we are cleared to Security Clearance.

Please see below the five levels:

DBS/Disclosure Scotland – This is a basic security check that’s main use is to disclose any unspent convictions to an employer during the application process. Applying for the basic DBS/Disclosure Scotland is done by our staff, sent in a document to their home address and belongs to them. We can ask to see it but it is a data protected document.

DBS – or

Disclosure Scotland –

Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) – BPSS is not a security clearance but the minimum background screening check used for positions that would be working with or for Government Departments. Similar to DBS/Disclosure Scotland it will check for any unspent convictions, though is slightly more expansive. The BPSS will run through four main areas; an Identity check, Nationality and Immigration Status, Employment History and a Criminal Record check for unspent convictions.

This is not something that will need to be applied for, as this is something that EGB will carry out during the onboarding process.

Counter Terrorist Checks (CTC) – A CTC is used to check if a person potentially has connections to Terrorists organisations or may be vulnerable to pressure from such organisations. This is usually used in roles that require access to Sensitive information, public figures or governmental and commercial establishments that are considered vulnerable to Terrorist organisations. CTC clearance is obtained through sponsorship from an Approved HMG OGD

The CTC clearance process includes:

CTC clearance generally requires a minimum of 3 years’ residence in the UK as well as passing all the previous checks. Once completed CTC Clearance is valid for 5 years, though it is possible for periodic checks to be made if there is a change of circumstances.

Security Clearance (SC) – SC is the most common vetting process used in the UK and covers a wide range of roles. SC is used for roles that require substantial access to secret information and assets and occasional access to top secret information and assets. SC Clearance, like CTC, is obtained through sponsorship of an Approved HMG OGD

The SC process is similar to CTC and includes the following steps:

Gaining SC generally requires residence in the UK for 5 years. SC Clearance will last for 5 years before it needs to be renewed and can be transferred between roles. SC clearance will lapse if the clearance is not used over a 12 months’ period.

Developed Vetting (DV) – DV is the highest level of security clearance within the UK and is used for positions that require substantial unsupervised access to Top Secret assets or for those working in intelligence or security agencies. DV like the two previous clearance levels, is obtained through sponsorship of an Approved HMG OGD.

The DV process is the most in-depth of the clearances and include the following steps to obtain:

DV Clearance will last for 5 years before it will need to be renewed and will lapse immediately once the role has been left.

We hope that this break down of the clearances gives you a stronger of understanding of what Security Clearances are required and what sort of roles they will be used for. It is essential that when choosing a partner to securely dispose and destroy data that you choose wisely.

Having the right company employing the right staff, clearance and training ensure that robust procedures are adhered to during the transfer of custody.