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Compliant and Strategic Procurement.

This is framework initiated by The Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust Commercial Procurement Services.

The Procurement Team who has developed a collaboration model. This model allows the Trust to remain independent to utilise its own buying expertise to offer the market true commitment. Where applicable the Trust can collaborate with other organisations to leverage an economy of scale, using multiple collaborative bodies allows the Trust to select its partners dependent on the portfolio it wishes to buy.

The Countess of Chester’s Head of Procurement, Andrew O’Connor, is the current chair of the regional collaborative purchasing consortium of NHS Trusts, the North West Purchasing Consortium (NWPC).

The NWPC undertake a variety of collaborative procurement exercises, with members opting in to projects which suit their specific requirements. NWPC also qualify for commitment rebates offered through NHS Supply Chain, offering true commitment to the marketplace

The Countess of Chester Hospital employs a team of Senior Buyers who undertake the Trusts startegic procurement activities. This includes Tendering in compliance with EU Procurement Directives. In addition the team hosts the Countess of Chester Hospitals’ Commercial Procurement Services which is a centre of procurement expertise providing services including national framework agreements to other NHS trusts and wider public sector clients.

The Procurement Team advertises all its formal requirements through its e-tendering portal available by clicking here: NHS Sourcing and clicking on view current opportunities. Opportunities open to the wider European Marketplace will also be published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Journal (OJEU)

As part of the Trusts Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, the Procurement Team wish to enable SME’s to engage the Trust and wider NHS by simplifying processes as much as possible. We recommend that all suppliers register with the NHS Supplier Information Database. By doing so will reduce the amount of time spent completing lengthy Tendering processes, as many Trusts access this information as part of an initial supplier vetting process. We also encourage suppliers to maintain their profile and keep all information as up to date as possible. The Trusts NHS Sourcing platform also links directly into the NHS Supplier Information Database, removing the requirement to provide information multiple times on various platforms.

For more information on compliant procurement call Mark Wilding on 01204 363184

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