With two vans that Concept Management recently purchased, the fleet has now grown to a number of six.  As usual, each vehicle is fitted with a GPS Tracking System.  This means Concept Management are able to track the van throughout it’s entire journey.  Plus this gives us the exact speed of the van and a detailed breakdown of the journey.  This includes; speed, travel time, rest time and shows where in the UK we are at any one time.

Concept Management are committed to growing the fleet in order to keep up with the high demand for the services that we offer.  A true confirmation of the level of service we continiually provide.

Of course the two vans will require their own driver’s who as well as being able to provide ID, are CRB checked first.  Consistency in our appraoch to our clients is of prime importance.

No doubt the growing fleet will be seen on motorway networks in the near futre.  Plans are also in progress to continue this growth so keep an eye on the news for further updates.

Regardless of the location in the uk, we will always arrive at first appointments early.  That of course will mean starts at all times of the day.  This proves popular with clients who more oftem than not can pick a date and time to suit them.

To book our services please call 01204 363184

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