Recycle Week 19th-25th September 2022

Recycle Week is Recycle Now’s flagship annual event which is a celebration of recycling across the nation. And which is now in its 19th year.

The Climate Crisis is a tough but extremely relevant subject and is one that through participating in this recycling week is something that you will be actively do something about.

In 2020 the recycling rate for household waste dipped to just 44%, falling short of the targeted 50%. This was largely attributed to the challenges and disruptions the circular economy faced during the lockdowns. But with lockdown restrictions now lifted in the UK, we now have a major opportunity to increase the focus on the circular economy in policymaking and across the private sector.

This directly ties into this year’s theme of ‘Let’s Get Real’. The aim here is to challenge perceptions and myths around recycling and improving our recycling behaviours. Focusing on where we are. Where we want to be. And how we’re all going to get there, together.

Whilst we are all guilty of throwing away rubbish without checking every once in a while, if we all continue to engage in small but powerful habits, such as recycling, then we can really make an incredibly positive impact.

It’s time to join the fight against climate change.