The BS EN 15713:2009 standard provides a framework of key conditions to be adhered to by companies who destroy confidential information on behalf of their customers; the security of this information being integral to this.

As the BS EN 15713 covers several aspects which are integral to both service delivery and customer satisfaction, Concept have taken the decision to implement this standard in conjunction with the ISO 27001.

This is bringing Concept in line with the industry norm and seeks to reinforce the importance of training, infrastructure and traceability which are common to both standards.

Why BS EN 15713 certification?

By obtaining the BS EN 15713 certification you convey to your customers that you dispose of their confidential waste in a secure, controlled manner, with the process regulated by on-going external audits.

Certification is relevant to companies who are or planning to dispose of high volumes of confidential material securely and safely.

Benefits to us, clients and staff:

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