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At Concept Management, sustainability is at the core of our operations. We recognise the global
challenge posed by obsolete electronics and are committed to redefining recycling through
responsible and ethical practices.

Environmental Responsibility

– Waste Reduction: We prioritise responsible disposal methods, diverting electronics from waste
disposal companies and ensuring their proper handling through recycling processes.

– Certifications and Compliance: We maintain the highest level of environmental certifications,
including ISO: 14001, ATF, AATF, and other relevant licenses, ensuring compliance with
environmental regulations in all our operations.

– Hazardous Waste Management: With licensed capabilities to handle hazardous waste, we
move, store, and treat materials responsibly, minimizing their impact on the environment.
Technological Expertise and Security

– Data Protection and Security: Our specialization in data protection, security, and destruction is
upheld through ISO:27001 accreditation and internationally approved processes. We offer on-
site erasure, physical destruction, and complete asset tracking of all data-bearing devices,
maintaining the highest level of data integrity and security.

– Advanced HDD Erasure and Refurbishing: With cutting-edge technology, our facility can fully
erase and refurbish thousands of hard drives per day to manufacturer standards, ensuring data
integrity and reducing electronic waste.

– Component Rework and Disassembly: We possess the capability to rework board-level
electronic components and disassemble various devices to their base materials while prioritizing
data security and sustainability.
Client-Centric Approach

– Bespoke CRM System: Our clients benefit from an online bespoke CRM system that provides
secure access, allowing them to trace their assets and sensitive data through our facility. This
transparency assures clients of Concept Management’s responsibility for all WEEE waste and
assets within our secure location.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

– Research and Development: We are committed to continual innovation and improvement in
our recycling methods, aiming to stay at the forefront of sustainable practices within the IT asset
disposal industry.

– Training and Education: We provide ongoing training to our team, ensuring they stay updated
with the latest environmentally friendly practices and technological advancements in recycling
and data protection.

At Concept Management, sustainability isn’t just a goal—it’s our commitment to responsible,
secure, and environmentally conscious IT asset disposal practices.