CFO and Co-Founder


David, who some would describe as “creative, innovative and a natural leader” is married with 3 children. David is a keen sportsman, being a retired footballer and a single handicap golfer. He enjoys travelling and skiing. David started his career of in the world of electronics as an apprentice electrician. David being a creative and quick thinker completed his apprenticeship and became fully qualified. He was promoted to team leader for his superb management skills. His desire to better himself in 1996 got him a position as Financial Director for Specific Components. At this time recycling was an unknown quantity in the corporate.

David and his team began harvesting electronic components from PCB’s and refurbishing them. These parts were suitable for re-sale as GRADE A components selling them to Asia and the USA. David created a name for himself in the component Industry, turning over $600,000 and employing 15 staff. It was in 2007 that David had the insight to recognise the business needed a push forward in order to grow. James was introduced to the business and they took their combined skills to create the platform that is Concept. David has superb management skills and understands the fundamentals that make a business tick, having the unique ability to implement procedures and delegate the function whilst maintaining the responsibility.

Concept’s staff retention is over 95% and this tells the story of his working practices. David has a weakness for the occasional tipple, bet on football, spicy food and his beloved Manchester City.