Concept Management understands that the single most important action we can all take, in fighting coronavirus, is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

As a company with Key Worker status, we know that this, unfortunately,  cannot be done by everyone and our business puts our staff in touch with our clients.

However, please be aware that the health of our clients, customers and suppliers comes first.

We are cancelling or postponing visits to site wherever possible but we understand that in some cases our services are required in order to free up space for more important safety items such as medical equipment, medicines, sanitisers and in one Hospital Trust, beds.

Therefore if we are required to visit clients we have briefed all our staff including our team of collection drivers and are doing the following :

Our drivers will;

If you wish not to meet our drivers at point of collection, they will call you 30 mins before they are due to arrive, you can explain where the equipment is to be collected from and this can be carried out without your assistance.

We do require a record of the collection for insurance and ownership reasons, that under normal operating procedures would be signed for at the point of collection but should you wish for this contactless type collection we can arrange for this to be emailed to you to be signed and returned to us.
John Davies, our Logistics Manager will forward an email with confirmation equipment has been collected.
Please be assured we are committed to the highest levels of health and safety.

As such, our systems and processes are well established to address all credible and significant risks in order to protect personnel, the environment, the public and our customers in the event of an incident, however serious or widespread it may be.
Our management team is meeting on a regular basis to make sure all risks relating to the continuous provision of our services are mitigated and that we protect all staff and customer’s wellbeing.
We are reviewing this daily in line with government guidelines and staffing levels.

Finally, keep safe!