Concept Management are now registered with IntelliCentrics SEC³URE.
SEC³URE provide Commercial Visitor Policy Compliance and Enforcement.
They’ve developed a comprehensive healthcare policy compliance management solution.

Organisations use their services to convey policies, obtain and manage Commercial Visitor credentials and extend access privileges to visitors of all types.


More than 8,500 healthcare hospitals and more than 500,000 members use IntelliCentrics SEC³URE platform.

SEC³URE has rigorous processes and standards in the Commercial Visitor Policy Compliance and Enforcement industry and as a commercial visitor we can submit our credentials, and they use their industry-leading credentialing process to check our qualifications for accuracy.


We see this as a leap forward into pathing the way secure and efficient collections are made on-site, also guaranteeing safety of customers and employees alike during these unprecedented times.


If you wish to book or have any questions regarding collections please do not hesitate to contact us on 01204 363184 or via email:




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