Why Concept Management?  RoHS Conversions Inspection, SMD & Erasing Repackaging & Tape/Reeling Asset Recovery & Electronic Consultant

Inspection Services

If you are forced to buy components from an unknown source and you need peace of mind then let Concept Management Components check them out for you.
Concept Management Components offer a very helpful service. Using our 12 years’ experience in the business and for a reasonable price, our trained staff will examine the parts and are able to identify refurbished parts and counterfeits. After each examination, we will send you a report to explain our findings

SMD Rework

Component replacement and placement corrections.
Implementing design correction.
Correcting reflow imperfections.
Implementing hardware modifications.
Removal and replacement of programmable devices for reprogramming.
Changing Firmware holding devices and memory.

Erasing and Programming

Using the latest and fastest techniques, Concept Management Components can erase, program and re-program EPROM, EEPROM, PROM and Flash memory chips to your specifications. All handling is carried out in our strict ESD protected environment to ensure no electrical damage to devices.
After programming, the components can be packed in tubes, trays or taped and reeled for maximum benefit.

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