Why Concept Management?  RoHS Conversions Inspection, SMD & Erasing Repackaging & Tape/Reeling Asset Recovery & Electronic Consultant

Such as Terminal finish and conversion from Pb-free to Pb for the defense, aerospace, IT and telecom industries, terminal finish and conversion from Pb to Pb-free for RoHS compliance, BGA re-balling Pb-Free or Tin/Lead, re-dipping and re-plating and lead alignment.

The difference between Concept Management Components and our competition is that whilst being able to support its clients with day to day components shortages, cost savings and excess stock management, Concept is perhaps the only broker in the UK who have a factory/laboratory on site thus meaning we are able to offer engineering based services that are fundamentally important to manufacturing sites –

Component Refurbishing

All our laboratories and production lines are ISO certified anti-static compliant environment ready to receive your electronic components.
We have 2 dedicated ISO-certified antistatic working labs, a Pb-Free and a Tin/Lead, which are fully isolated to stop contamination.
Our production methods are based on more than 14 years of experience. We guarantee anti-static safe handling of all components to the highest international standards.

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