Destroy Data Securely Before Disposing Off Your Old Computer

You shouldn’t dispose of your old computer in a landfill as the heavy metals on its circuit board and other electronic components leeches and mixes with the soil, poisoning the soil in the surrounding area. And it’s expensive! Instead, you should opt for WEEE recycling, an acronym for “Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment” recycling. The directive of the WEEE aims to reduce the quantity of electronic and electrical being produced as well as to encourage everyone to recycle, reuse, and recover it. Many companies offer such services all over the United Kingdom, but you should ensure the destruction of data on the HDD. If you do not know how, seek the help of a professional company. They break down all IT/computer equipment to its core form i.e. cables, wiring, rubber, glass, metals, and plastics. They opt for equipment destruction for the hard disk drive and other data bearing items such as CD/DVD discs, as it is the sole way to ensure that there is no chance of data breach.

Secure Data Destruction

You should destroy secure data stored on your computer’s hard disk drive before disposing of your PC. Just highlighting a folder(s) or file(s) and clicking on the “delete” button does not help, as the computer moves the data to the trash bin from where anybody can recover it. Pressing down the shift key and clicking on the “delete” button removes the information from the HDD’s table of contents. Anybody with knowledge and armed with data recovery software can easily recover the deleted data. It could be dangerous if the person you sold your old computer to, gains access to sensitive data such as your credit card information and your online banking details. Concept Management is a professional data destruction company with full UK coverage and we are experts in IT recycling and disposal. We can either overwrite the data using CESG approved software, enabling the hard drive to be reused or we can physically destroy the HDDs by shredding or crushing. For added security and peace of mind we can even do this at your site.

Small Businesses

More often than not owners of small businesses, lured by the exchange deals offered by computer companies, exchange their old PC in lieu of a new one without bothering to delete all the data from the HDD of their existing laptop. Owners of small businesses hardly bother to think about the tragedy that they are going to face by dumping their obsolete computers in landfills. Apart from harming the ecology, they are leaving their PCs at the mercy of fraudsters, who can retrieve private data using state of the art data recovery software.


The database of the corporation contains private information of citizens and businesses which is vital to be kept confidential. If this data falls into the hands of the wrong people, then they could create chaos. For example, they can find out information about a person and find their address, contact number or even details of their credit card.


Any important information that may need to be stored by the school will need to be destroyed safely in due course. Due to Covid-19, more and more students are using computers for their online classes, to play games, as well as purchase goods from online stores. A small mistake can lead to their credit card details being stolen by cybercriminals.


Concept Management helps the Police Forces across the UK when it comes to IT recycling and disposal services. We fully understand and comply with CPNI Guidelines and Frameworks providing Complaint procurement. The Police Force will need to destroy their data in order to prevent any cyber criminals stealing it from their discarded computers. The situation is the same with other important sectors such as Health and NHS and Public Sectors.

Health and NHS

We can partner with anyone in the NHS who are looking for someone that understands the Frameworks providing Complaint procurement within the NHS and Information Governance and the IG Toolkit. As part of our services we provide on site data destruction.

Public Sector

If you’re a Government Body and looking for a partner that understands what Public Sector Organisations require and Frameworks providing Complaint procurement as well as Information Governance then Concept Management is right for you. We offer on site data destruction.

Concept Management are professionals when it comes to handling all of your computer recycling and disposal needs. We provide Full UK coverage and offer WEEE recycling (Waste, Electrical and Electronic Equipment) as well as free secure data destruction services for corporate clients businesses. We’re here to help protect the environment and Public Sector Organisations to comply with new environmental legislations and laws. Contact us today via email at or get in touch with us via telephone on 01204 363184